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Yogācharyas : Smt. Hemamalini Prasad & Sri. Prasad Srinivasan

Prasad Srinivasan is a certified Yoga Instructor from the prestigious SVYASA, Bangalore, India, with over 20 years of yoga teaching experience. He has attended the International Conferences conducted every 2 years by SVYASA and has learnt to cure ailments through yoga therapies under the guidance of Dr. Nagarathna, Dr. Nagendra, Mr. Raghuram and Mr. Mohan. Prasad founded Antar Yoga Center, Bangalore in 1998. He has developed the Core Breathing Technique in the asana posture which is the fundamentals of Patanjali’s Asthanga Yoga Sutras. Core Breathing enhances the intake of oxygen, expels out the carbon dioxide, thereby strengthening the immune system. The inward journey is an amazing experience. Hence the name Antar Yoga (yoga within).   

Hemamalini Prasad is the co-founder of Antaryoga and is a certified instructor, having undergone the Train the Trainers Program (TTP) from Antaryoga. She is also the founder/director of Sail Training and Consulting, a soft skills training centre ( She along with her dedicated staff has trained thousands of corporate CEOs, hospital staff, teachers, administration staff of schools, colleges, employees of banks and various institutions in the field of Communication Skills and Personality Development.

Teachers : Bhoomija Prasad & Abhishek Sreesaila 

Bhoomija Prasad and Abhishek Sreesaila are a husband-wife duo trained by Antaryoga. Bhoomija is a certified Yoga Instructor (YIC) from SVYASA. Abhishek is a certified instructor from Antaryoga.







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